zaterdag 10 januari 2015

John O'Mill: Lyrical laria & Puure Piffel

Ik ben geen liefhebber van poëzie. Om de nonsens gedichtjes in deze 2 bundeltjes kan ik echter soms smakelijk lachen. Om een indruk te geven zal ik er hier een paar citeren:

Safety first:
Een autobestuurder in Bombay
Was iemand, die alles zo domday
Dat al het verkeer
Bij 't zien van dat heer
Maar liefst over Eindhoven omray

Drents adrift:
A hot headed Drent in Ter Apel
who always ran too hard from staple
forsplintered his plate
when the waitress was late
and gave herr a lell with the laple

Rot Yong:
A terrible infant, called Peter
sprinkled his bed with a gheter.
His father got woost,
took hold of a cnoost
and gave him a pack on his meter.

No pay, no play:
"I may be good for nothing"
the light young maiden said,
"but I won't be bad for nothing,
at least not in your bed."

Cake and egg!:
My cook, she is a grand ol' gal
and thinks me quite a guy,
that's why between the two of us
it's always cook an' I.

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